Background problem

Hii guys , I had a background problem. The problem is that I had inserted a background image to the the base layer, then I insert my sprites, and both my background image and sprites were in the same layer. But when I created a new layer and I named it background and I change layer of my background image to background layer, but when I did this my all sprites get behind the background image. I also had checked the Z-order it is less than all my sprites. Any solution. I have to launch my game in next month. So,please help me out.

Z-order is layer specific.

If you have two layers, they do not see each other’s z-order.

All you should have to do is drag your background layer below the base layer on the layer list.

see this picture , when in base layer

and see this picture in background layer

The order of drawing layer is bottom to top, so the layer at the top of the list is drawn last. Drag the Background layer in the Layers section so it’s below the Base layer.


it get fixed but when my player is jumping my background also start moving up with the playerScreenshot%20(127)|690x388

Don’t have the camera for your background layer follow an object. Instead, only set the x value to the x position value of your player.

yaaa i forgot about it. And HUGE HUGE THANK TO YOU MAN YOU HELPED ME LOT. actually i have more doubts so if you will join my discord server i can ask there Discord

I’d prefer to answer questions in this forum - you won’t be the only one coming across these issues, and it will provide future users with the same problem a potential solution :smiley:


ya you are right but thanks once again​:grinning::grinning::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: