Basic Enemy Projectile Help

Oh boy where do I start… What I am attempting to do is make an enemy that fires projectiles. The only problem is that those projectiles fire at every refresh. I have tried every way to mitigate that by making constraints to only after certain animations or whatnot but nothing seems to work. I feel as though a timer of some sort would work but I have no idea how to work with those.

Screenshots of your events please…

A timer seems like a good idea.
Good reading: Timers [GDevelop wiki]

I think the order of the events is important here try to move the the event of Move Fireball to FireballMark to the bottom of all events otherwise you are trying to move something that is not created yet.
And the collision detection below

Events in GDevelop are processed from top to bottom

Oh wow thank you so much that worked. Now I just have to figure out how to make it so that the Imp doesnt fire at every frame refresh.