BBText have a word limit?

In one scene I have a BBText with two other elements. A sort of dictionary, if you like, so I click an entry in the previous scene and it changes the BBText according to the variable.
When I use the Preview all the text is displayed correctly, but when I export to .apk in some very long entries it only shows a black rectangle.

I also have a Camera Scrolling System for viewing text off-screen.

Is it a simple problem of too long text?

After various experiments the problem persists for mobile devices, it seems that the problem is actually the length of the text.

I tried to create buttons to scroll through the text. But it doesn’t seem to work in the structure I designed.

In case anyone needs it: I broke the text and created an overlay of BBText objects. Obviously only in a certain condition of the variable. It is not optimized, but it works without increasing the number of variables.