BBtext object doesn't respect wrap width when used with text input


There are two issues here.

The first issue is that I can’t get BBtext objects to respect their word wrap width.

Here are the conditions I have set as a test:

and here is the result

The second issue is that the hit/collision boxes of the BBtext objects don’t update to match their content when using the text input object.

Am I doing something wrong, or is it broken? I really need to be able to do this with BBText objects.

It is broken that was reported many times already.

Ok - thank you. Sorry for the repeat.

The collision boxes not matching is something that is a bug and I believe currently has an issue on github.

The word wrap is because all text objects auto fit to the rendered text by default. To modify the word wrap you need to set your text object to a fixed size (the largest you want it to be) by selecting the custom size checkbox or dragging the corners in the scene editor.

Once the custom size is set, word wrapping will adjust to whatever you set it to, so long as it is smaller than the custom size.

I’ve tested and confirmed this is true for all text object types (text, bbtext, bitmap text)

Oh - wow - that’s excellent news. Thank you for that!

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