Be able to hide string/number parameters inside a extension condition/action


We should be able to hide string/number parameters at an extension condition/action.

The problem:

I was trying to make an action that would repeat an event every x seconds (not related to the “repeat every x seconds” extension), but it required me to create an string parameter where the user would need to input anything because it would be the part of the name of a timer.

Otherwise the timer inside the function would have the same name every time it has been called and cause conflicts if they use 2 of the same actions at the eventsheet.

Why would this idea be the solution:

If we were able to hide string parameters for example, I could just do something at the beginning of the the action like “change global variable __AmountOfTimes_ThatThisEventWasCalled add 1”

Then I would call the action inside itself, and insert ToString(GlobalVariable([…])) as the hidden string parameter.

And of course I would add a condition that would skip the recursive event if the hidden parameter was already filled.

About the timer name part, It would be “_theExtensionTimeName”+GetArgumentAsString(“Hidden”)

Making it not require the user to insert a random string that they will never use for anything in a field just for it to be the timer name : )