Beginner Question: Show Mask

Hello Everyone:

When working with a Scene, on the top-right there is a button [3rd from the right] that you click on to show/hide grid; set the grid size; etc…the first option listed is “show mask”.

This draws and removes a square box around the scene…what is this? do you have to show mask and be careful to place objects inside the mask? what is a mask, what is it used for, and when should you show it or hide it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This option displays or hides a black border on the scene. It represents the size of the game window.


So it seems it simply shows you a visual indicator of the size of your game window (which presumably can be smaller than the scene, like with a platformer game).

@anon14980890 thank you very much for your answer and the link you provided. I looked and could not find the info you showed above, but your link and your description helped me a lot.

Thank you for your help.

Hi, is this mask box the box to see if I have placing my UI items in the right place and so it is not misplaced out of view?