Behaviors pre-installation possible?

Hi everyone !

I’m planning on giving courses to my students using gDevelop, the problem is that I don’t want the laptops to be connected to the internet while they use it.

I would like to know if there is any way for me to pre-install the behaviors for every new projects that is being created ?

For example, I want to add the healt behaviors in every game, is it possible to add-it to gDevelop so it’s accessible every time I start a new project?

Not sure if my question is clear since english isn’t my first language.

Thank you everyone.

Unfortunately, Extensions are per project.

However once the extension is installed, you can export it as a json file and manually install it on other projects/machines if needed, even if you have no internet.

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Hi one thing I do is to ceate a sample project in my desktop, download all the required extensions for the class, save that project to Google Drive then just share the link of the project with my students. This way all starts with the same project same extensions.


Thank you very much guys, this definitely resolve my issue.