Being Able to Open Multiple Projects Simultaneously in GDevelop

Currently, GDevelop doesn’t offer the ability to open multiple projects simultaneously, but introducing this feature could bring numerous advantages to developers. Here’s why we need this feature:

  1. Workflow Efficiency: Opening multiple projects simultaneously would allow developers to seamlessly switch between projects without constantly closing and reopening IDE windows. This would make the workflow more fluid and enable developers to manage multiple projects more efficiently.

  2. Code and Resource Transfer: Being able to work on multiple projects simultaneously would simplify the transfer of code and resources between different projects. Developers could easily copy portions of code or resources from one project to another without relying on complex alternative solutions.

  3. Comparison and Analysis: The ability to open multiple projects simultaneously would allow developers to easily compare and analyze different implementations and solutions used in their projects. This would facilitate better evaluation of performance and effectiveness of various development strategies.

  4. Testing and Debugging: Managing multiple projects simultaneously would also streamline the testing and debugging process. Developers could test and compare the behavior of features or code across different projects, making it easier to identify and resolve errors.

In conclusion, the ability to open multiple projects simultaneously in GDevelop would be extremely beneficial for developers, improving workflow efficiency, facilitating code and resource transfer, enabling comparison and analysis between projects, and streamlining the testing and debugging process.

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100% agree but it is already possible to open several projects and transfer code.
Not via the menu but directly via the project files.

The problem here is that the default preferences are used. Theme, language, etc. are then wrong and especially dangerous, auto-update is On. That means, close a project and it will close all other without saving.

I know it was requested over 5 years ago, but there are a few new devs now, so there is hope :slight_smile:

You mean via projects files by opening the file you have on the desktop?

The .json file in the project folder of the respective game.
(Default in C:\Users\***\Documents\GDevelop projects)
I always open projects this way.

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As i thought then… Me crying in Clouds projects :sob:

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You guys are kinda nutts… :slight_smile:

You dont have to transfer code via the .json file…

You can simply:

  • Open a project
  • Select your code
  • “copy” the code
  • Open the project you want it to go in
  • Go to your events aaaand “paste”.

A simple copy / paste works perfectly… iv done it for science a while back and it works just fine.

More still… im all for improving functionality and quality of life, but as someone whos been going back and forward between projects, either to make video tutorials, testing behaviors as you said and do all sort of things in general…

The “Open recent” option under “File” works just fine, load times are quick, its organized and if i need to copy paste something from one project to the other i can, and if its something you cant, well, just import again, dosent take that long.

Id much rather them pooling their resources into finding a way to make performance far more stable and not making features that wont really help, to be blunt…

Most people dont even finish one game, let alone work on multiple at the same time, and if this dosent apply to you, and your a game making machine, then you realize the value of work…

Guys it’s super easy, you can open multiple projects on both desktop and cloud.

On desktop, you can do what @jack suggested, or what I do is launch the GDevlop app again and it should open another instance of the app in a separate window, then you can open any other project.

Note: When you launch the app for the 2nd time it takes few more seconds and it opens signed out of the accout, it’s like a fresh install.

On the cloud, just open a new tab and go the gdevelop editor, then you can open another project.

Looks like he can’t use the desktop version because of a Chromebook or something.
I never do it but there are now many who use the browser version. In the cloud you can of course simply use a second browser window or tab, but not copy/paste events.

I also have 20 requests in mind that would be more important to me, but that’s how it is, especially in open source with free contributors and there are many requests that are less legit than this one. Many people have no problem with performance stability.

I used to be able to copy/paste in cloud before, but I tried now and it’s not working. It seems that the devs removed this feature.