Being able to see position of locked instances

I have also posted this on discord channel but apparently this is a better place for posting this request.

In GDevelop, we can lock the position of the objects and prevent selection when we need to, and this is a great feature I use a lot. But when I need to select that object for checking coordinates or z position…etc, I need to open the instances list panel. I think it would be much easier if I could select it via “ctrl + click” .

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I see it as awesome idea
But ctrl is occupied by making duplicates
Maybe shift? or alt?
I am all in for your idea

Yeah, I thought about that after posting. Ctrl is just an idea, any other key like alt or shift can replace it.

Thank you for your message.

I have some assumptions, so please correct me if I am wrong: You said “locking objects”, but I assume you’re actually saying “locking an instance” on scene, right?

Can I ask you to share a screen capture of your process? (it can be on the topic or through private message if your project is secret). I’d like to see how you move back an forth between locking an instance, trying to know its location, opening the instance panel, and figuring out which among all is the instance that you want to select.
I was exploring a different way to find/work with instances on the scene, and your case is interesting to test my idea. That is why I am asking for the screen recording :slight_smile:

Yes, I mean locking an instance on scene
Please see the link below for the video:

Please keep in mind that this is a blank project just to show you the process. Finding and selecting the instances in the list is much harder when there are lots of them.

I Thought I was recording my voice for explaining but looks like I couldn’t :slight_smile:

I hope this recording helps you understand the situation better.

hey Orbinho, thank you for the video!
I’d like to ask the following question, if you don’t mind:

I see that you chose “Lock possition/angle in the editor” (which makes sense because you don’t want it to move), but, why did you also checked “prevent selection in the editor”?
If this configuration is the one stopping you from selecting your instance to change Z order and position of your instance, why selecting it? Is there a reason on the way that you work to do this? (see image example:)

Thank you for your insight!

Good question :slight_smile:

Actually what I want to do is preventing the selection, but GDevelop doesn’t let me prevent selection unless I lock the position :slight_smile:

Makes sense.
I’ll keep an eye on this topic to follow votes and comments from other user. :slight_smile: