best way to learn?

hello! i’m new to the forum but excited to try and learn to make games!

i’m curious what was the best way you found to learn to use gdevelop? i see there are a few blogs with written tutorials, their is the gdevelop site tutorials and there seem to be a few decent videos on youtube?

so far for me the videos are one of the best ways i’m finding to learn how to create games (shout out to Sparckman if he is on here?) and then possibly just asking straight forward questions on the forums?

thanks! :mrgreen:

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I find the included examples really helpful to see how something is done, and then be able to play around with it myself. Check the ‘resources/examples’ directory in your GDevelop installation, or online here: … s/examples

I asked tons of question and lucky me some awesome guys did help me a lot including the devs them self. At the time the community was very small (like 10 people) sometime for days no one was posting on the forum, I guess they were excited to have a new member on board and they helped me a lot.

Obviously, you need to start with the beginner tutorials on the wiki and then take a look at the examples but don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand something. The key is, always try to find the solution on your own and describe in detail where did you get stuck and what did you try or what is that you don’t understand. Share your project file if you can so we can try or a screenshot of your events at least. Depends on the question, if you seem to put no effort in to finding a solution just come up with a “how to” question with empty hands, normally I just skip it and don’t bother helping. You need to show that you try to figure this out and then we can help you to get there.

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BWPanda- thanks for the info!

ddabrahim- that is lucky, haha, thanks for the info.

i’m doing a bit of everything at the moment. watching tons of youtube videos, then looking up what i dont understand. so far so good, this program is amazing and i’m having so much fun learning to make games with this software!!!

first few hours i had something up and running, thought it would have been two weeks to learn! :slight_smile:

What I did was click on the highest page number on this forum (currently 97) shown in the top right and worked forward in time through the posts clicking on everything that sounded interesting and noting down or screengrabbing useful events. I was amazed when I finally reached the present that Lizard-13 was still around and helping people so many years later. :mrgreen:

Thanks for that :smiley:

When I started there were almost no tutorials nor examples or videos so I learned the hard way, testing every piece of logic in isolation creating small projects, that’s how I ended up with 100+ test projects or so.
What happens if I put no conditions, playing with the order of events and sub-events, trying out each loop event, experiments with timers and TimeDelta, the most interesting part was object picking/filtering to understand that there’re lists of picked instances in the background and you can modify the lists through object conditions and some special actions.
Absolutely not something I learned from one week to another, I hope the learning process is better and faster (and stronger?) now :slight_smile:

Yeah Lizard-13 is so awesome also ddebrahim, without their help over the last year I wouldn’t be here just releasing my first game and always learning new stuff and failling a lot (I mean really a lot) and so many many sleepless nights (months without a good sleep just to do what I enjoy).

I remember when I started, I didn’t know how to save and I just decided to quit this and just leave and never comeback to gdevelop because I was feeling really bad but then ddebrahim and Lizard-13 answered my question about saving and I learned how to do it after a week I think, It was the best feeling ever and from then I just decided that I’ll never quit :slight_smile:

For me I’d say just open Gdevelop5 and dive into it, start with your imagination, start playing with events and just combine, start with one event and know what it does then you’ll have some knowledge where to start, don’t know something ? Stuck on something ? Just ask here, I’ve looked for years for people who really respect and help each other with their heart and I can tell you that they are definitely here, this community is the greatest thing that happened to my life, the best thing is that they don’t just help because it’s help, when they see that you’re serious about your question and really need to fix it, they don’t give you the code in a gift box, they make you understand it very well so that you can use anytime you need.

Just start playing with the program until you start playing your own game :slight_smile:

It took me around 5 months to make my first game and another 7 months before to learn what i can also another year and a half just to find this great engine (Gdevelop5), it’s the greatest thing I’ve seen, so simple to use yet so perfect in what it does. And after all that I’m just a beginner, there is a lot more to learn with time, and I’m ready for it :slight_smile:

Just dive in and you can do it :slight_smile:

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MattLB- nice, and dedicated, haha, yes, i think i will be on the forums a lot in the near future, tons of great tutorials online cover broad subjects, but fine tuning will take some learning here i think!

Lizard-13- i would totally say the process is faster now, i had somthing up and running two hours after opening the program and following a few tutorials on youtube, a really fun process!

khaledali- awesome thanks for that! yes, i agree this forum has been great already and i’m thrilled with gdevelop software! so cool and so much fun to use. off and on i’ve been trying to make games, first was early 2000 but flash had no real game making mechanics, then when flash had game mechanics i struggled to afford the software and a computer that could run, so i stopped for years, i’ve always tried off and on, but this time with gdevelop and finally a faster computer i’m excited to learn!!

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