Best way to send a string across the internet

I was just sitting here working on my game and I was wondering what is the best way to send a string variable across the internet? I know I can use firebase but after a while I ended up adding way to much that I could only have like 50 rounds of my game played per day and then I would have to spend money, now I could spend the money but I am more looking for the best free way for now and I might spend money on it later. (Also sorry if this is the wrong category I couldn’t really figure out where this would fit)

you need to make application in C# which should be able to connect to other pc running same application over internet. you ned to be have a several devices which will connect and send receive data to one place(maybe called server here). And devices will use TCP or UDP in order to do communication. And devices will only have IP address and PORT to connect to.

After that you need to install a TCP Server on the host - you’ll just need to make sure that your host supports this.

You can do this with the Windows Communication Foundation

So, I’m going to chime in here, I appreciate your desire to help out minocrispano, but everything you just posted is not accurate for GDevelop.

No c# is required, no TCP required.

For slayerizor. If you want to send strings backband forth between users, you can just use the Peer to Peer (P2P) events to send data between each. The P2P networking example included with the engine has a chat setup which is explicitly sending strings between users.

If you have another data host that has a public API, you could also use the Network events for an API post command.

So I was looking at the example, and is it the “trigger event” “extra data:” that holds the string?