Better Platforming Controls Baked In

I’ve had this problem for about a year now: bunny hopping.

I really like the ease of use with the Advanced Platforming extension, but in order to have it work smoothly, Default Controls should be checked within the behavior. With this checked, however, you are stuck with bunny hopping. If I uncheck it, then I don’t worry about the constant hopping, but then wall jumping is broken.

I would love to see this either via the extension itself or the engine to allow players to check/uncheck bunny hopping. I’d maybe suggest even further, some more platformer behaviors directly implemented in the engine or extension like wall climbing/grabbing as seen in Celeste and sliding or rolling like Megaman or Enter the Gungeon. Things like speed, distance, ability set jumping height when a quick press of space bar vs. a long hold. These things could really make the development faster for platformers. I also find that my work around will always be a compromise in the vision because of conflicting events in tandem with extensions, so having built-in support for more advanced (although feeling more basic at this point) controls for the platforming space would be deeply appreciated.