Better Selection Mask

Hello, I usually have a some problems with the Scene Editor, one is because when I rotate an object, it rotate but doesn’t the selection mask (the blue mask that is on the selected object), then, if I want select the rotated object I have to found the selection mask not rotated.
The second problem is with the rotate point of the selection mask: if the selected object is very small and you want rotate it, probably that the rotate point is out of the selection mask, and when you try touch it to rotate the object, this object will be unselected.
The last problem is scaling objects. If you scale a object a little… no problem, but if you want to scale a little object to make it a big object, and do it in more than 2 clicks (if you have to zoom out to continue scaling), at the moment of do click in the scale point the object become smaller, and then you can scale it, but will only be a little bigger than before you made the last clicked.

Really aren’t very upset, but are problems