Between two positions

So my problem is I need a condition that should IDENTIFY an object between two positions
Like for example:
I want a condition of the player “if the player is in the middle/between of these positions(10,10,10,10)” (x,y,x,y)

But I can’t do that since there is no specific X and Y position condition in an object, and it is separated.

Ps: Like a command version of putting an object (usually rectangular objects, since it’s a large object) to identify if a player is in collision with it then an action will happen.

Go to OTHER CONDITIONS → Other → Compare two numbers then check the X/Y = X/Y


In addition to Ulises suggestion above, keep in mind that there is no reason you can’t mix and match conditions. A condition box in an event isn’t limited to one condition.

This means you could add 4 conditions into the event.
Object1 X position > X1
Object1 X position < X2
Object1 Y position > Y1
Object1 Y position < Y2

This will also do what you are looking for.