Big problem with OR condition

Since a lot I have found that the OR condition doesn’t work correctly with me. I found this a big problem, since OR conditions are fundamental in coding.

For example in the following code, if I press on a button the animation is not played.

The animation works only with “Ok” button.
But with THIS code (I take off a line from the OR condition), the animation is played for all buttons:

This doesn’t make sense to me. Is this a bug or am I missing something important?
(I precise that lock=0 )
Thaks in advance

Yes, the infamous OR…
Feel free to read: OR operator not working although one condition is valid · Issue #1520 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub


Thank you, now I see the problem! Even if it’s an OR condition, it is applied just to objects which pass ALL the conditions of the OR. That was unexpected. So the condition is true, but applied to no object

So I need to use “pick all” and then filtering again?

I would say… either transform your condition or your action so that they don’t reference directly the object, either split your events so as not to need the OR.