Bigger Window for Text Imput

Iv noticed that when working with long text strings… well i cant really describe it better then, my experience isnt that good.

The text feels a bit too constricted or jumbled up and editing it makes the text constantly jump up and down because of the short distance wrap.

This is just a tiny example, it gets way worse when your making calculations while adding +“text” in the middle while adding the ToStrings and so on…

Could this text box be made a tad bigger?

Maybe make an option in the settings for “Text Box Size” and then a little selection, like “Normal” the one we have now, “Big” one thats 50% bigger and “Large” one thats 100% the size of normal.

Something like that… its nothing major, just a quality of life for me personally, not sure if anyone else has the same issue when working with long strings of text.


Heres another example

This text isnt very long, but because it has some repeating words and a lot of () stuff, seeing it boxed up was for some reason frying my brain trying to figure out if i had mad e mistake…

But seeing it with a bit more room, like the picture bellow, instantly made it make sense… dont ask me why, my brain works in mysterious ways…