Billiards game creation

Hello all… I’m new to Gdevelop… been trying to read a lot about it. I’m interested in eventually creating a ‘realistic’ 2D billiards (pool) game. I’m not sure if Gdevelop is a proper platform for me in regards to the physics engine needed to create the realistic collisions/trajectories/cue aiming, etc, required for interaction between all the balls.
Any help/suggestions is appreciated… thanks a lot.

I don’t have the math background to fully understand or explain the physics engine, but my general feeling is that this should be possible.

A few things that might be useful in discovering/verifying that gdevelop has the functionality you desire:

From the recent update -

You might also want to take a look at the wiki for the physics engine for a full explanation of all features:

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You’ll have to look into the Physics 2.0 engine. It’ll do most of the ball physics for you.

Also, check out these starter examples, they’re a great source of coming to grips with various aspects of GDevelop.

see this:

is there source code of project ?