Bind a sprite to pressing a key?

I have taken the platformer starter code and simply modified the sprite of the controlled character to my own custom sprites. Other than that, no other alterations were made.

I am trying to make it so that when I press a certain key (in my case, “a”), it plays the full animation I made using the built in system. However, whenever I set it up exactly like the default program sets up movement such as “Running” and “Idle”, it just plays a still image of the first frame of the animation.

I’m pretty new to this… but has anyone else encountered this problem or something similar?

Don’t “set” animation , instead “change” animation and use numbers.
Did you name correctly your animations?

while you holding down a, the animation will change from “idle” to “Peta” every frame.
you need to prevent the event is on floor and not moving from triggering the animation change.
when you took care of this, by putting the INVERTED condition a key is pressed,
you also want to use trigger once on a key is pressed for changing to “Peta”


Thanks so much for the help! I think this will work, but to be honest I read it a few times and maybe I’m dyslexic or something but its kind of confusing. Could you perhaps post a screenshot of what the code would look like?