Bitmap font wrong at runtime [Solved]

How do I…

Make my 12pt bitmap font look correct at runtime

What is the expected result

I expect the font to look correct at runtime and possibly even in preview.

What is the actual result

The font looks somewhat wrong in preview and unreadable at runtime.

Related screenshots

Game resolution: 128x128
Font: Kenney Pixel font @ 12pt
Smoothing off in properties
I referenced multiple threads; especially this one.

Here are my BMFont settings.

Here are my Bitmap Font object settings.

Here is how the font looks in preview.

And here is how it looks at runtime.

Here are the font properties, showing that it should be fine at 12pt.

Appreciate any help :v:

Project files (optional)

Insert a minimal game showing your issue in a .zip or .rar.

Solved it!

I had two issues here:

  • First one is that it seems the pixel font I wanted to use only worked at specific point sizes. I tried SnowB and used the preview function to find a point size that didn’t create extra pixels or weird artifacts. 16pt ended up being the one to use. This solved the text looking correct in the preview and in the .png file. Edit: this font actually works in increments of 8. So 8pt, 16pt, and 24pt and so on. Something to think about when you’re making bitmap pixel fonts!

  • As for fixing it at runtime, I had a “Change camera zoom to 0.5” which totally jacked the font :upside_down_face:. Deleted that action and the font looks great.

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