Black screen from combination of "Wait X seconds" and "CameraShake" extensions

I tried to use both the “wait X seconds” event (from the RepeatEveryXSeconds extension) and the camera shake event, from the CameraShake extension.

The frame after the wait event is done it tries to call the camera shake event, the screen goes black, and doesn’t change after that.

Please tell me if I’m making some obvious error, or what I can do. Also, please say if I’m putting this in the wrong place.

Hi, it seems the wait action and the camera shake are not working well together. The following event is also producing weird results

If you only use the shake action it should work. In case you really need the 1 second delay before the shake, a timer is probably the better choice.

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Thanks for the solution, Drona! I used a timer, it works fine now. Although - I’m sure it’s slightly less efficient now that it has to check every frame for the timer being done.

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A possible solution for that (if I understood your problem right) could be to start the timer at the beginning of the scene and delete it after the first shake.

I tested it and I had the same problem. Did you file a bug report? IDK if it’s Gdevelop or the extension.

I tried figuring out what was happening. The camera zoom is getting set to [infinity]. I’m guessing that means there’s a division by zero happening.

The weird thing is if you shake the camera without the wait it works right if you use a wait before shaking it a 2nd time.