Black screen when I try to preview my game

I’m using GDevelop 5 and whenever I try to preview the game I’m met by a blank black screen. How do I fix this?

I think the problem lies on something about your events. Something is going wrong when the game is executing your events because there is a bad structure on 1 or more of your events. I advise you to take a look on them (particularly those who run at the beginning of the scene).

I know for a fact it’s not because of bad event structure because every scene I previewed was fine until I decided to duplicate one of my scenes. After that every scene I tried to preview was a black screen.

Do you use version control? Then you could diff game.json before and after that change and take a guess what may have happened. I would not rule out that the editor GDevelop made a change it cannot digest later on. Which does not mean GDevelop is badly programmed but there is a chance the scene duplication function messed up.

What happens if you delete the duplicated scene, and copy & paste it instead?