Block bench in Gdevelop

I was wondering if I was able to get an asset from BlockBench to Gdevelop just wanting to know if I can

I dont think it works because its used to make minecraft models not for a game engine

I tried it once and I was able to import a 3D model from BlockBench into GDevelop.

1- Export model as OBJ from BlockBench. You’ll get 3 assets in a zip folder:

  • object.obj
  • material.mtl
  • texture.png

2- Unzip the assets.

3- Use this online OBJ to GLB converter. Drag / drop the 3 assets and convert them to a GLB file.

4- Import the GLB model into GDevelop.

But G Develop 5 has a limit of the size of the file so It will work but not perfectly it will

I had used it at once but the file got corrupted

BlockBench creates low-poly 3D models, so they’re very small in size and lightweight and shouldn’t be a problem for the most part.

It worked for me, not sure what you did wrong.

maybe try blender? :melting_face: :upside_down_face:

I also use it it can convert high poly into low poly also