Block breaking using specific collision box like Super Mario Bros

is there a way to use the 2nd (smaller) box to break my object like in Super Mario Bros series

like I know the base to do it, something like this but instead of just “collision with object” it would need to be “collision with object’s specific collision mask”
Zrzut ekranu 2022-06-08 155359

No, but you can add another (hidden) sprite at this position and check collision.

Alternatively you can have 2 animations for the block, both the same image. Have full collision mask for the first animation, and a smaller collision mask for the second. Make sure that the sharing collision masks for all animations is set to false/off :


Then :

  1. Add a trigger once to the event in your original post.
  2. Add 2 sub-events to that event
    . First sub-event checks if animation number is 1, in which case delete the BreakableNormal.
    . Second sub-event checks if animation number is 0,and change the animation number to 1 if so.
    (the order of the above two sub-events is crucial - swap them around and the block disappears as soon as you hit it)

Someone was asking about something similar on the discord.

It’s probably easier to just check that a custom point on the top of player sprite is inside the block. Here’s how I did it as a test:

(the point named “point” is a custom point on the player object).
The platformer behavior is disabled to ensure the player jumps “through” where the block used to be, instead of bouncing off.

Note: you do want to have the point ~6-10 pixels above the player’s head (it can go outside of the sprite box if needed), to ensure that there’s enough time for the event to fire off in a frame. here’s a test with the platformer example.