Blurred Text Advices

So, I have seen that there are already some post about this problem.
This is a result with the automatization of the coordinates of the texts (so the X and Y are not integer) :

If I set the x and y to an integer (zero in this case) and set the font size to 20 I get:

Which is better but still not good, to me.

Have you other hints or advices to give me?

Try the new Bitmap Text, that maybe helps, if you don’t want to use bitmap text, add some typography to your Text object make it bigger in the size box then use events to scale until it fits your needs.

As you can see in my HUD I have Dungeon 1 becomes “Castle Lobby” yellow 14pt with PressStartP2 typo.
But when comes in game I apply some changes, gradient color, outline and resize.

The Text object setup in event