Blurry fonts a problem

Hey there! It’s me again asking stupid questions when I can’t find any solutions myself. So I’m working on a pixel game. The resolution is around 128x128 and the grid I’m using is divided into 8x8 cells. I’m really happy how the low resolution simplistic pixel art style looks while the game is running fullscreen and stretched over the display area. But I’ve run into an issue I perhaps should have seen coming miles away.

That is I’ve no fonts that I can use with a resolution that small. Everything’s a blurry mess. I’ve looked into bitmap fonts and all that. Supposedly they would work, but I just can’t find any tiny fonts in that particular format or any examples on how to make my own. Is there a secret trick that I’m missing or am I just doomed to write all the text and dialogue one letter at a time onto sprite images and displaying text that way?

I guess I could always just use a higher resolution and upscale all my sprites to fit, but that feels like cheating.

How are you creating the bitmap fonts? Use something like bmfont (windows only) or snowb (web) to change a .ttf or .otf font file of your choice to a bitmap font. Refer to the wiki page for bitmap fonts: Bitmap Text object [GDevelop wiki]

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Hi one thing I do is this add a Text object then change the size and the scale in my case 0.2
You can play with the scale and don’t forget the Wrapping size to be 4, 6 or 8 * the Text size

Plus I use PressStart Font or Monogram fits perfectly for pixel art games.

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Hey, thank you both for replies. I managed to make a working bitmap font in the end. The font is still quite large seeing how small my game resolution is, but it works perfectly and all the blurryness is gone.