Blurry Objects In Game

Some of my scenes are blurry, the levels are not but the text and image is blurry on some of the other scenes.

My game size is 240x135

Play game to see

Pictures: (The pictures look more high quality than the game)

Have you tried to change the game size

@USERNAME3D Yes, but it makes one of the objects that’s created smaller. I ain’t taking the whole time making that object bigger. Unless the product team adds something to piskel to make an object bigger I’ll make the game size bigger.

you can make images bigger in piskel

you can use resize

does this help you?

I have tried that as well it makes the canvas bigger not the object

then make the object bigger in the scene

Well, the object isn’t in the scene. The object is created! Play the game to see what I am saying. I can probably try making an event to make it bigger if possible

but then resize in piskel should work. Remember to check resize canvas content

@USERNAME3D Ok, it resized it but now it created another issue!

Watch video to see issue (Don’t worry about the game over scene, I am gonna fix that later)

I’m getting a password request for the video.

Ok, hold on! I’m sorry about that

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Ok, click here to see the video

@Keith_1357 @USERNAME3D Ik you might be sleeping but just you remind you that I have given the video

IDK. As I said, I was using my phone. I’ll look at it again later when I’m on my PC.

You never said you were using your phone but ok

You said the game is 240x135. That’s small. The text does look blurry. It could be the font or maybe it’s just too small. If it starts small and is then stretched it’s going to look blurry. Any font below around 15 pixels will look blurry on a phone and if it’s enlarged on a pc it will need more.

I’m sure someone with more knowledge of screen size best practices can help more than me. You might also want to search for screen resolution on the forum.

I’m sorry. I thought i said that. It must’ve been a different post. Sorry.

Well, I have resized everything and it looks better but the video is talking about how the ball is not bouncing at the top of the ball and how it goes in the block and sometimes the ball will bounce or go through the block

try to remake the hitbox

I am not gonna do that! That is too much work. I will see if I can figure it out, then I will come back to this.