Blurry Text (2018)

Someone already asked this question a while ago, but didn’t get a very good answer. Hopefully someone has figured it out now?

My project is small - 320 x 180
Is there any way to make text less blurry at this size? Even using a pixel perfect font?
I’m displaying a score using a variable, so I couldn’t just use a sprite as text.

Anything I can do?

Wich platform ? html5 i guess ? idk if it’s possible to use pixel perfect font, but maybe you can, by an action, disable aliasing on the font (action => text object).

You can use sprite… it’s just a bit rough : a sprite with 10 animation from 0 to 9, and then use the correct animation combination to display the number you want.

From my experience rounding the texts x and y positions usually fixes this. As far as I can tell, objects can be placed on positions that aren’t a full integer on the pixel grid, so your text might be placed “between” pixels and GDevelop generally tries to compensate that with blurring things.