Blurry tiled sprite background object

So I have an issue with my background. I am working on a platformer game and It’s a tiled sprite and If I make its size very big (10000 x 720) the end part of the background object is blurry. Can anyone help me with how to fix it?

I don’t see the blurriness but in general if you are using a tiled sprite for your background you don’t need it’s resolution to greater than the resolution of your game because you can put the tiled sprite on a layer that isn’t followed by the camera and just adjust the image offset on the tiled sprite to be equal to the X of the player object. That will make the background loop and move with the player movement.

I want the background parallax and it’s not working if I do that.

There’s a blurry at the end part.


And how to create a layer that doesn’t follow the camera?

When you make the camera follow an object, you have the option of what layer that camera follows. Just set any object that you dont want the camera to follow on a different layer. For example if you wanted a background to stay in one place, you create a new layer called the background layer, put the background on that layer, and then set the camera to follow on the base layer.

To create a new layer you go to the layers editor (located at the top right of your screen) 30%20PM and click the button that says add a layer. Name the layer. Now go back to your scene and click on the object you want to change layers. Be sure to have the properties panel open, and in the properties panel there is an option for the layer. You can then set the layer of that object from there.