BMMB: BioMechanic Man Boy

This is the project what I have done since October with my two friends (Mostly my friends have designed the game mechanics etc. I still wait graphics.). Couple of months we only thought mechanics and planned the game and now maybe two months I have been working with GDevelop, more or less. As I said, we don’t have own graphics yet and introstage is unfinished (only 2 enemies, not own graphics, no attack animation, ugly gold-special-life bar etc.), but I decide to put it here so everyone who want, can try it out and run and jump throught the stage.
There is bugs, so remember, it’s not finished yet :smiley:

Move: arrow keys left, right, up (ladders)
Jump/double jump: LShift
Attack: Ctrl (stay still and repeatly push the button to activate “special” attack)
F2: fullscreen on/off
if you get killed by enemies and want restart: Esc

Here’s the link to download the game, or should I say introstage yet:

Hi, I played and it was actually fun to play ^_^, not sure if it’s my PC but every time I tried to jump advance with arrows and hit this windows pops (see attachments) which was annoying x_x I disable that and then worked fine :slight_smile: . Besides that it was really cool and fun keep it going :smiley: and just curious… what’s the game about, i mean the plot?

Thanks for your feedback! :smiley: Yeah I think that “sticky keys” pop up window thing is every computer problem and as you did, it can be turn off :slight_smile:

Well game theme is future wild west with the twist of biomechanics. So there are compination of man and robot, cowboys and saloons of course.

Story shortly: The martial art sensei of the player is kidnapped by the main enemy of the game, because
he wants to do with genetic engineering and cyber technology himself invincible and also make the army of super mutant cyborgs, which he needs skills of senseis martial arts, barman daughters great physics, a master mechanic, etc … All bosses are some way involved to this plan. And of course, player have to save his sensei and beat the main enemy!

Story is very 80’s :smiley:

jajaja yeah, sounds cool :slight_smile: I loved the atmosphere of the game it fits it very well (y) makes you want to play it jajaja hope to see more of it on the future

Thanks! I will update every week something what I have done etc. to my blogger page, but in here I’ll update playable content that people can test it if want to :slight_smile:

-Enemies drops randomly one of the 3 item or nothing. Items are worth of 50, 100 or 150 points/gold/something.
-Enemy Graphics. I made some graphics, not final ones (I was just bored those cubes and shit), my friend finish them and make them lot of better. (It’s easier for him that he don’t have to make whole sprite zero to complete.)
-New enemies
-Music (just for fun right now)


Hi, I tried it and all updates are working fine :sunglasses: there are some minior problems when you try to jump too close to a wall specially in the part where you are trying to go up and there are 3 platforms and the camera changes when you fall of go up maybe if there was more space between them it will be easier. Besides that looking really good :smiley:

Yes and player can jump on walls etc. Player - walls collision is bad right now :smiley: I haven’t done the collision perfect, because I don’t have final graphics of player yet :slight_smile:

as always, thanks for feedback! :smiley:

I had Christmas holiday so I did not make the game as much as I could done in this time, but here is a little update:
-Run and attack animation for player (graphic artist Erkki will make them better)
-Attacking changed a little because of animations (Or activating “special” is little bit different)
-Erkki made new enemies (Not in the game yet)
-We have been thinking to bring some rpg elements to game

Nothing much.


I would appreciate any kind of comments about this project :slight_smile: Any advances, improvements or even if comment is how bad this project is, are welcome! :smiley: Comments motivates and inspires :slight_smile:
Gdevelop community seems little bit quiet sometimes… :unamused:

I’d like to know opinion which one is better attack thing: 1) You rapidly press attack button and player shoot projectiles as fast as you press the button. Or 2) you can press as fast as you can, but player shoot projectiles always same speed rate.

You can test 1)thing previous post dropbox link and 2) link of this post here:

New things:
-We remove kicks and will make it one of the special attacks (of course it’s not the same then and we make it more powerful and that it can be used maybe 3-5 times). And there is a time limit that you can press rapidly the attack button as fast as you can, but player throw punches always at the same speed rate. (Might change).
-Player can squat down (duck) and throw punches while down, but now the difference between attacking while standing and ducking is so little, that it’s not so remarkable mechanic thinking about playability of the game.
-Then I have fixed some bugs and enemy appearing.

I’d like to hear all thoughts about this project :slight_smile:


I totally felt better with the previous build because it felt more rewarding to gain something for smashing the button but it was kinda difficult to get the special just by holding the ctrl, it felt a bit hard to get. Also with the big thingy that is harder to defeat if you are stuck in the same speed alway it’s boring to play because all you have to do is to wait it stops attacking you go hit him and repeat but if you can increase the speed of your hits and gain a special power you reward the player if he master the skill in the game.

the game looks cool keep it going :slight_smile:

Also I want to recommend you to upload your game to game jolt :slight_smile: there’s easy to upload new test builds and people gives you feedback and they can also follow your game. I think GDevelop forums are great when you are looking for help when you are stuck in something when developing but for game showcase looks a bit quiet.

Yeah, I agree that when you can smash the button it felt more right and fun :smiley: It make it more difficult and you can’t just run and smash everything when there is limit, tho. But we’ll see what we gonna do about it :wink: We removed that kicking mechanic and will make it special attack that can use limited times and it’s more powerful than normal attack and bit different than it was.
Yeah now that big enemy is bit boring and too long to defeat, but it will get changed :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you! I will think about that game jolt! It’s sad that this game showcase is bit quiet, because it motivate a lot if people leave a comment, even if comment is telling how bad this is :smiley:

Thank you again! Helps a lot to hear opinions!

(Edit: I think I upload more “complete” version on Game Jolt)

I found an odd effect with the axeman who walks from side to side on the upper platform (shortly after the long ladder that comes up from underground). If you wait for him to get to the right hand side of the platform and start rapidly punching him, he turns pink, but doesn’t die. After a while he starts hopping backwards to the right, off the platform and onto the ground below. If you follow him down and move around he starts to climb the wall (!) and will eventually hop off the screen to the right. He will hop all the way to the log bridge before falling to his doom.

Yeah, I saw that bug after I upload the game here… :smiley: But I am glad that someone else have noticed it too! I have fixed it to the next version.

Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate that. :slight_smile:

-Fixed bugs
-More enemies
-No fullscreen support because of the twitching of player (maybe bug in fullscreen thing, maybe not)
-Some sounds
-Added some “treasures” in the stage (jewels what you get from beating enemies)
-some other improvements


Always love to hear comments! :slight_smile:

After this update, next will be when that Intro stage will be complete (or I hope so), so I don’t flood this forum with my updates :smiley:
-Enemies (more to come)
-Fullscreen (it still twitches sometimes, but much better now)
-When player dies, game don’t restart automatically.
-You can pause the game
-You can finish the Intro stage
-Bug fixes and some other improvements

And comment, please! :slight_smile:

Anyone who are tested latest version, can you tell me how the game did run in your laptop/pc?
Because this morning I noticed that twiching problem in fullscreen is back again. So I’d like to know is it just my laptop or what.

It’s working fine on my computer.
4GB of ram, and 1.86GHz processor. (At least that’s what control panel said)
It’s a pretty cool game :smiley: My only problem is I couldn’t figure out how to close it. When I pressed CTR ALT DELETE the game still covered up my task manager o_o* Although that’s probably my computer’s fault :3