Boids Extension Issue! Would love help!

Okay, I’m sure as always it’s something small, but I’ve been playing around with the Boids extension for a while to try and figure out what the issue is.

So, simply put, although I want my bee enemy to head towards me under 150 pixels. The ellipseMovement seems to be working perfectly by itself, so no issues there.

However, instead of chasing the player, the bee flies towards the top of the screen instead. Even if the player is above the bee, or to the side of the bee, it seems to just, zoom up to the top until it’s outside the 150 pixel limit, then it acts normally with the Ellipsis behavior.

I literally can’t figure out what could cause it to do this, is anyone else having this issue? I’ve been wanting my Bee enemy to work for like a month now, and I was waiting for the update to have the updated Ellipsis behavior, but I don’t know if it’s me, or what could be causing it. Thanks a ton yall.

Example of my code:

I tested it and it worked fine until I turned the behavior on and off. Something happens when the behavior is turned on/off. Maybe if you just don’t deactivate it.

Might I see your code that you did? I just went through my code and removed anything that deactivated the Boids movement and it still flies away on it’s own, it’s very strange.

Thanks for helping by the way!

I just had a few lines. They did fly away off the top corner if I wasn’t continually using the Move To action. I’m not familiar with the behavior but it does seem to have some bugs.

Yeah I was starting to suspect there were some bugs, darn. Thank you so much for this though! It definitely helped, I’ll have to find a way to have multiple bees on screen move to different locations. Thanks again!

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I don’t know how your project looks. Ideas?

When the player is near the bees…
Save their current location and when the chase is over have them return to that location or a fixed preset location.

Add a few chekpoint sprites. After the chase they can go to the nearest, a random one or the one with the fewest bees. It could be a flower or hive. IDK.

I don’t know much about the elliptical behavior. Maybe you could have it move a hidden sprite(s) and when not chasing the player the bees could chase the hidden object(s).

Hey I think I’m definitely going to do a checkpoint sprite system- but as I’ve done this, I’ve discovered another very strange issue completely unrelated. Somehow when I kill one bee, the death animation doesn’t happen for the other bee.

Programming games is both a blessing and a curse, it seems.


There’s an update to fix this extension soon

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