Bomb explosion nearby enemies

I made my character to throw grenades. And on collision with enemy the bomb explodes and destroys the enemy. But I want to make it explode in a way that both enemy on collision and nearby enemies (around 200pixels), all should die. How to do it?

You’ve pretty much said it - select all enemies that are within 200 pixels of the grenade position when it explodes. It’s the condition grenade distance to enemy is below 200 pixels :


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But this would make the grenade explode before it collides with the enemy. I want to make it that if the grenade collides with the enemy, then it explodes and destroys the enemies around it

No, it’s the condition you use once the grenade explodes. Use it in a subevent of the event that explodes the grenade (either from hitting an enemy or after timer exceeds the limit).

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