Bone/skeletal animation in GDevelop?


I just start using this game engine, testing features and comparing with some other competitors. So far looks great, but what bothers me is that it seems there is no support for spine/spriter/dragonbones animation?

Does it mean that this engine is created strictly for the pixel art type of games? Of course, there is an option to import image sequence as an animation, but with mobile games in mind, that doesn’t sound like a wise thing to do in terms of memory management.

And speaking of memory management, I can’t find an option to control which atlas to load first, what to flush/unload from sprites if I don’t need them, etc.

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Skeleton animation is a feature that was worked on but never completed, from my understanding.
We need to find someone able to resume work on this, but a few years have passed and it may require a complete rewrite, unfortunately. You’ll find more details on the GDevelop Trello, if you’re interested in contributing.

I believe memory is managed automatically, like objects are unloaded when they are out of the screen, things like that.

I can’t speak about the memory, but I use Dragonbones for all my animation in my games. I have a game on Steam, and several free-to-play ones as well, and as far as all the beta testers found, they ran smoothly with the DB animes. These were tested on various iterations of Windows machines and OS’s as well as Linux on Ubuntu 20.04. So, don’t know if that helps, but thought I’d share my personal experience with GDevelop and Dragonbones.

Thanks for the answers! About skeletal animation, I really like flexibility of these json anim files - option to blend animations and have a smooth transition between them. Also, it’s saving a lot of memory if you are making variations of a character where you only have to change his cloths, etc.