Bouncing at an oblique angle

How can I make a projectile bounce of a surface which is at an oblique angle? In the game I’m making the player object can rotate 360 degrees and has a shield in front of it that the projectile should bounce off but I have been unable to get it to do so.

Try registering the projectile as a bullet if you want it to go at an oblique angle. :smiley:

Here is a way to reflect a vector around a normal: (4.67 KB)
You can shoot the bullet dragging the angle with the mouse, it works in the opposite side of the wall too (pure physics symmetry, didn’t intended it) but the normal is drawn incorrectly :stuck_out_tongue:

The reflection is calculated in just one expression, to understand it easier check the image (a little trick that flashed into my mind):

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Thanks for the help.