Box2D Top Down Racing Physics


Is there any way to get this working in GDevelop?



Probably. It’ll require a number of joints to be applied to the physics bodies- wheels & car body - and you’ll probably need to apply the forces to the front wheels, not the car body.

I’m a designer not a programmer would it be easy to make it into an extension? Simple as copy and paste? I believe it’s written in code GDevelop already understands?

You don’t need to write code to put together games in GDevelop. You just have to learn how to use the engine and the events logic. GDevelop use event sheets, not code.

And to make a extension that does something so specific is basically to make the full game. Maybe you can pay someone to make it for you, or you can put together a team of people interested in building your idea and share the credits/revenue.

Anyways, I’m sure to achieve something very similar is possible with a mix of the current capabilities and available extensions (in fact, there are examples with similar mechanics you can check); but it will require some effort.

Thanks, I understand. For me, learning the events logic is just as hard as coding. Is there a place on this forum to post feature requests for GDevelop to get me in touch with others that may have the skills and interest in developing something like this?

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You should check out the discord server in that case. Join also the GDevelop chat on Discord