Breakout tutorial on Mac

I started the Breakout tutorial on my MacBook Pro. Up to the addition of behaviour to the paddle. I applied the condition and behaviour as in the tutorial however when I play the project the paddle does not move. Was something missing there?
I tried the platform tutorial and adding the platform character behaviour to the player works fine.
Did I have to change the behaviour of the paddle - currently it has no behaviour. The movement is supposed to be governed by scene events.

GDevelop 5 should work fine on Mac or Windows or Linux regardless.
While I haven’t done the breakout example, I looked at the provided example file (file, create a new project, Examples tab on top, search Breakout) and seems there’s two versions of the game - one using physics 2.0 and the other not.

A screenshot of the two:

and no physics

If your movement events look like the first picture, you do need the Physics 2.0 behaviour attached to your paddle object.
In any case, I’d recommend opening the complete project on a second instance on GDevelop if it’s possible and compare it side by side that way.

I tried this again. This time I did not put images in a sub folder. Just put a paddle in the scene with condition and behaviour and it worked. Don’t know what happened the first couple of times??