Broadcast a message

I was thinking of making some thing called broadcast a message.
the Condition should be like Broadcast a message. and event will happen when i will recieve that message. In that way we i guess we can use several Different events on one condition. We dont have to write again n again

Well i also have so many thoughts for features

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What you’re asking for is just a variable, though.

Have an event with the condition of “The scene variable “Message” = “Active”” | Your action here.Then you set it to a different variable as the last action in the event.

Then whenever you want to call that event, you just set the Message Variable to Active.

If the above doesn’t meet your need, you’ll need to provide substantially more context to your feature request as to why.

Hmm, But what bout Notifications as Mixen said

With the current events system, you rarely need to write the same conditions multiple times, unless you are misunderstanding the way the GDevelop events work.

Mixen rarely knows what they are talking about. Notifications are something else.

If we’re talking about “Messages” as in text messages on a phone, there is no way for GDevelop to access the text message system. Browsers are restricted from that type of access on mobile platforms, and Electron (what GDevelop games get wrapped in when they’re compiled) is treated as a browser.

Android also restricts apps from reading other app Notifications, so if you mean popup notifications you could not use those either…unless you want to read its own notifications. Which even if events to access this were added, would still require the same amount of events as using a variable.

(Actually browser applications can do Notifications)

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I thought that got restricted back in 2018 with the permission changes due to people spoofing sim cards. Definitely looks like I’m incorrect.

Gdevelop5 send and show message (notification) to your players | EASY AND SIMPLE WAY - YouTube Maybe thish helps. Sory for bad english guys

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