Brush tool to place objects easier

I’m asking if there is some sort of object “brush” tool of some sort that can place objects in the scene more easily, so that level design (at least for me) isn’t so tedious and annoying. I like the idea of “drag and dropping items into the scene” but I still feel like there needs to be a brush tool so that you can draw objects in a stroke. If this isn’t a feature, I’ll move it over to feature suggestions.

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Ctrl+click on any existing object in the scene editor will duplicate it within the scene editor.

Note, that if you’re trying to build out a map using various tiles or something similar, you’re probably better off using a single tilemap made in LDTK or Tiled map maker, not dragging and dropping each tile into the scene.

Thank you! That was a really fast reply.

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GDevelop have no paint brush tool. “tedious and annoying” - YES! Not easy - YES! Weird (feb 2022) -YES!
Your options:

  1. drag and drop every object into scene every time (clone sprites with ctrl button will help you)
  2. use LDTK or Tiled. But it’s “tedious and annoying” (because GD have no files autoupdate)
  3. wait this: Ldtk file support for tilemaps in Gdevelop by blurymind · Pull Request #2828 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub