Buffer slow down - video issue?

Hello Guys,
I have 4 videos in the game and many scenes, the game menu is organized in 5 main sections and choosing one of those five open one scene with a video and show the submenu with other scenes, let me explain it with a picture:

ok, at first I was adding the video object in the scene, next I tought it was better to create the object at the beginning of the scene so I changed it…but the problem is the game slow down a lot on a particular scene (so I also tried to make another one thinking it was bugged).
I have a music loop on the background and 3 wav sounds for right/wrong.

I’ve inspected the browser and saw that the buffer comes to 100% but if I change to another scene it goes ok, but on that scene it’s really slow.
Here the scene and code:

I’ve also replaced the png with jpg to lower the size but don’t have any clue of the reason why only this slows down so much, here the scenes of the project.

These happens not in the preview but also on a local server (wamp).

Thanks for your time and help

I have debugged it a little bit and now seems solved. Don’t really understood why and what was the problem but… Fine for me XD