Bug about changing scene

I set that when the character collisions with the goal, it would be teleported to the next scene:
Howver, when the character collides with the goal, nothing happens:
The goal works perfectly in all the other levels, and the event is the same, just changing the name of the destination scene. Please help!

Maybe your Meta or Personaje is not named correctly in this scene?
Or, check that the event is actually in scene 1-7 event sheet.
It could also be something else in your conditions above, or something that you placed in this scene :sweat_smile:

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Veo que hablas español. Parece ser que el evento simplemente no se ejecutó.
Pruebe a intentar ejecutar el evento de otra forma, por ejemplo tecla presionada a ver si así cambia de escena.

De ser que sí el error se tratará debido a que el juego no reconoce correctamente la colisión del personaje con la meta.

Si tras haber intentado ejecutar el evento con otra condición no funciona, compruebe que el nombre de la escena es correcto

También he de decirte que el editor de gdevelop se puede poner en Español


I see you speak Spanish. It appears that the event just did not run.
Try to try to execute the event in another way, for example key pressed to see if this changes the scene.

If yes, the error will be dealt with because the game does not correctly recognize the collision of the character with the goal.

If after trying to execute the event with another condition it does not work, check that the scene name is correct

I also have to tell you that the gdevelop editor can be put in Spanish

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Does the destination scene exist? Did you select it from the dropdown, and not type it in by hand?

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In addition to the questions folks have above, please ensure you add “Trigger Once” as a condition to the event. This is important for any time you change a scene to avoid other larger issues.

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