Bug In External Save System

I’ve created Leaderboard system and it works usually until i tried to save the rank data in external storage. whenever i log in the game the rank 1 (SaveScore5) switched with rank 2 (SaveScore4) even if before i close the game it works correctly. Im using External Event because i need to put the Calculation at the end of the game

I don’t get it, what is the bug exactly please ?

My Co-worker said when saving too many data gdevelop External Saving System starting to get weird. I post that because i cant spot error in my script, but the result shows error so i guess it was Gdevelop Bug

You shouldn’t read/write all the time like that. Only trigger it when needed.

I Read only when the game first load. For the Write i limited to whenever the rank changes, anything lower than that will result in bug of rank update everytime player log in

Indeed, I read too fast yesterday. :sweat_smile:
So the leaderboard displays fine after playing, but when you close and reopen the game, Highscore #2 replaces Highscore #1?
It’s always the same problem, always the same scores switched?
And after playing again, do they move back to their correct position?
Are you sure ten times is enough to reorder everything? Maybe you should try to trigger manually with a keypress, to see what happens at each step, see how it goes.
I don’t see what’s wrong from your screenshots, except that you’re storing a highscore that doesn’t need to be stored anymore (if I understood everything):

PS: I’m moving the topic to How do I because I’m pretty sure it’s not a bug.

It’s always highscore 1# and 2# that get switched, after playing again it went back to normal but as always, when close and reopen game it switched again.
I am certain 10 times is more than enough because there’s only 5 steps of reorder ranking started from bottom. and saving only occur when rank got switched
Yes i forgot that SaveScore0 is only for temporary use and not needed to be saved but it wont affect the other rank