Bug? Invert conditions for child conditions as well?

IDK if this is intentional, but when i have an inverted main event (is not facing wolf), the subevents (distance below 50px) is treated inverted aswell, so i have to invert the subevent, to get the effect i was going for. I was very confused why it was not working.

“Invert” are only on conditions and actions.
It is not possible to “Invert” a block of events (conditions&actions) entirely.
The “Invert” of are not reflected in the subevents. Because it is not the events but the conditions/actions that are affected.

If you can separate your problem into an example file reduced to the bare minimum I would look into it.

If i invert the subevent, the hitbox “Wolfbite” is triggered when below 50px, if not inverted, its triggered above 50px.

You missleading on logic of events. So nothing work like you wish.
When you develop try to create tools for debug and see what going on.

I’ve created a new object scope for see where the player take a look.
And edited all your logic and parameters.

Scope was large before why scope 270, and invert it, so your scope was 90, it’s a headache of all invert ^^
Try do think more simply :slight_smile:


the intention is, that they come after my back, thats why its inverted with a big angle.
I put the rest of the wolf events, to show exactly what im going for. And its working perfectly.

I dont understand why this is working in the example, but not in my main game file :frowning:
everything exept the attack works fine (even when i copy the examplefile to my main file). I am going thro everything tomorrow, maybe i find something interfering with my events.
If not, i upload it to compare.

E:Found the problem, and solved it :smiley: