Bug?screen shake

hi all
i have 2 screen shakes
one works OK
other not so. now I have tested it and it works (for example at the begining of the scene)
it even works on collision
but it wont work when its needed
other Screen shake works ok,
its a little complicated,

If you don’t show all the related events, it’s hard to help…
Try to isolate what triggers the bug, by removing conditions and actions, and changing things.
Duplicate your scene, so you can mess with it as much as you like.

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the timer thats doing camera Screen shake is working and under some other conditions screen shake works. But under this condition timer starts but there is no Screen Shake :grin:
tomorrow I will try to solve, maby make some other screen shake (3rd)

Is it perhaps because you forget you to reset it?

no, I have tried
for now I will have one screen shake
it will reslove (problem) in time :grin:

Why don’t you try some of the built in Extensions to do screen shake?

This extension is pretty good and easy to use.

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I’m on gdevelop b92 version so will it work? I’ll try to update and see how it works. but wont do it now. :grinning:
I have almost finished my project/game and then I will update

Please note that there are numerous bugs and fixes every version. In most case older versions are not supported because we cannot guarantee compatibility nor what bugs you will experience.

That said, nothing in your above screenshot shows the actual screen shake events, just you resetting a timer.

I would definitely recommend trying the screenshake extension, but if that doesn’t work we would need to see your events that actually try to shake the screen.

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I’m sorry,
here is Screenshot for timer
I have updeted gdevelop on my old computer and tryed project and it works, so I’ll think about of updating gdevelopt on my laptop.

I’m not seeing any glaring issues with your events. You might try narrowing it down to just 1 shake and see if that works, if not it’s probably due to something with how you’re resetting/unpausing the timer.

You might try resetting the timer as part of the event that unpauses it, instead of the one that unpauses it.