Bug with the camera shake

I got a probleme with the camera shake. I explain.

I try to do the same thing that in the video


I install extension camera shake and do this

I use the camera shake deprecated (it’s the same in the video).
It doesn’t work when the animation comes it does a grey screen.

But when i put the same line at the beginnig of the scene

It works

Can someone explain me why?
I don’t understand.


What do you mean by “grey screen”? Can you share a screenshot or video?
Maybe you have other camera events conflicting?
Maybe you shouldn’t be using the deprecated extension.

Grey like this.

Maybe you shouldn’t be using the deprecated extension.

I know but as i begin, i try to be as close as possible from the tutorial. (And i have difficulties to understand the new version)

It is because of the wait events. I noticed the same bug. Your screen is not turning brown - just all your sprites disappear - at least that is what’s happening in my case. If I use the came shake without the wait events, it is working fine.

in my case I had an logic that when player destroys an object, wait for half a second and then delete sprite and shake the camera. As I said above, this resulted in immediate disappearing of all my sprites from the screen the moment the camera would’ve shaked.

Indeed when i delete wait event it works.
But i need the wait events, how can i do.
Did you solve this?

Instead of using wait, I would trigger the first tween and whatever other actions but then use when tween is finished to trigger the next event(s). It would create a chain.

Edit: I reread and see that some of the tweens run at the same time. I might still use when tween is finished to trigger some events. Or instead, maybe use a timer.