Bug with the right and not the left

Hi, anyone knows why this bug happens ? I checked the hitboxes everything is fine
And the events are the same…

Hitboxes :

Idle Right :

Run Right :

Idle Left :

Run Left :

When I press left against the wall nothing happen, I stay in Idle Left
But when I do press Right against the wall, it seem like it attempt to run but does not have the space to so it bug between Idle Right and Run Right

It could be the order of your events, it may be the logic or something else. Can you screen snip the events for colliding against a wall, standing idle, moving left and moving right?

Sure, I recently added a wall jump, maybe its the cause ? Bc I never saw that before
Wall jump :

This is the new state I added today

But even deactivated, it does this… Im kind of lost x)

I suspect the wall jump is a red-herring and I’m more interested in seeing what the left, right, idle and collide with wall events are doing. Can you post those?


Idle Right / Left :

Run Right / Left :

Spin Jump :

Are there any events that deal with wall collision?

On the Wall Jump section I sent before
EDIT : The wall jump on the left works perfectly, so why not the right ? Since its coded the same way

Those are for wall jump animations. I’m after the collision for the left or right walk and run animations.

There are none other than the wall jump

So how does the player stop when they walk/run into a wall/tile?

Idk, but I never encountered that problem before, what should I add ?

Are you using the default controls on the platform character behaviour?

In the video, is the player walking into a door or a wall object? Doe that object have platform behaviour added?

I’m not using the default controls (even if I still assigned left / right / space)
The player is waling in a wall (the door are considered as walls) And not i does not have a platform behavior

Where is the point “grab”? I’m not sure of it’s use. Is it for telling which side the collision or tile is on or for something else? If it’s off to one side then it would only work for the one direction. Maybe that’s your intention. I’m just asking. I’m wondering if you need a “grab” left and “grab” right on opposite sides of the sprite. I’m only asking although I’m unsure of the use.

So how does the player move? How does it stop when it hits a wall? There have to be events that deal with this. GDevelop doesn’t just magically stop a player character because it meets a wall sprite. It has to be coded with events. And until we see what those events this whole issue will remain a bit of a black box for us.

Yes, that’s a good point. The player sprite isn’t flipped, so the sprite point will remain on one side.

I changed my points so the wall jump works, no problem,
But the Grab point isnt applied to other animation and I still have that bug…

But I already sent you all my events, I don’t have any event where its specified “When Player is in collision with tiles”, only for the wall jump

So how does GDevelop know when to stop the player from passing through a wall object? Are there any behaviours or extensions being used?