Build a synthesizer in Gdevelop?

Hi! I have been dabbling in Gdevelop for some time now, and my game “Pearman build’s a synthesizer” is going great, expect…

for the synthetisizer part. I know there is an extension made by aliustaoglu called “Audio Context” which can allow you to create a little synths to your game. This is all well and good, but since i can not code java at all, and I would like to add more properties to the synth what I have been planning, things are starting to seem bleak.

My idea is that you build the synth from components that you find when the game progresses: first you find an oscilator, then slider to the pitch, then maybe some buttons, filters, delay, reverb, looper, maybe a drum machine module etc etc, and while the “Audio Context” extension is really good, it can only produce a simple synth. I think some one with more knowledge of Web audio API / Audio Context could make these, but in my case: help is needed!

so: are there anyone here building a synthesizer in Gdevelop / have you had luck implementing web audio API features (p5, tone.js) to work with Gdevelop, or have you found a better way to do this!

this is also an open call, if anyone wants to make extension that allows you to use p5 and tone.js in GDevelop event based structure, please do so us non-coders can build our ideas! :slight_smile: