Built-in image editor?

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, simple MSPaint-grade tool would be enough I think. This will move GD closer to other tools to easily make games as most of the others (GM, Clickteam’s products, even Construct I think, but not sure about last one) have this. It would also make iterating on graphics easier as you won’t have to edit stuff, save, then reload project in GD (seriously, sometimes you even have to actually restart gd in order to images in scenes and whatnot to update) and you could do that in editor.

This would surely be a handy feature but in consideration of this I think the pressious time of our two developers would be better spend elsewhere.
A pixelart editor would mean creating a whole new application and as long as it is not on par with other editors featurewise (onion skin, mirror brushes, spritesheet arrangement / export, etc.), I guess it won’t be used much.
If we had a bunch of developers in the boat I’d say yes but currently there are way more important things to do/fix.