Built-in theme editor

Would be cool to have a theme editor so that people who have no idea what the README-themes on GitHub means like me can customize their engine, and without the hustle of sending it, make it darker, a different font, etc… I’m a fan of the engine but that doesn’t mean I like how it looks so it could improve my workflow

To be specific, I would like to make it look like Defold

My actual GDevelop

Or maybe a community online theme store where you can download themes and put them somewhere in a folder like Aseprite does

You can turn it into this

I don’t know, it just makes it easier to stare at it for hours & more pleasing to create


Obviously it’s not that easy to implement, but a system similar to Aseprite’s would be nice.


This is an interesting demand.

A software theme is based on colour schemes (light, dark, low contrast…).

Working with colour is waaaaaaay trickier than we could imagine (this article explains it in a nutshell Light & Dark Color Modes in Design Systems | by Nathan Curtis | EightShapes | Medium).
As you can image, every theme requires adjustments for every UI component (buttons, inputs, lists, etc.) So maintaining more than 2 themes requires time -from designers and engineers-. It gets quite technical if we look under the hood of how their colours are assigned (they’re called “design tokens”) as any colour change impacts other areas of the app.

Today’s official themes are Dark and Light.
We are well aware that they’re not perfect (there’s constant ongoing work on improving both, but as you saw on GitHub we need to proceed with caution). This is the approach that we will follow: we’ll support dark and light purple theme only, but our GitHub will still be available for anyone who wants to access the colour themes to play around.

What I observe from the support images that you share (specially with Asprite’s example) is that you want to change the design of each component (the second example of the UI is not only dark mode, but the visual appearance and size are different)?
Unfortunately, this won’t be possible.

GDevelop will go through a phase of evolution and its components will change too (you’ll might come across some of my messages looking for 1 to 1 video conversations so I can gather information on how y’all use the tool). This conversations are important since they’ll shape future GDevelop versions. I would be glad to talk to you in the future for the themes that matter to you! To do so, this is where I “recrute” participants:

If you’re present on Discord, you’ll see the messages on the “announcements” channel.
If you answered the “Getting to know the GDevelop community” questionaire, I’ll reach you directly by email
And if you’re not present on either, you’ll see messages on the forum under “Feature requests”.

That being said, thank you for the software images.
They help me to better understand what you visually expect from your Engines. :paintbrush:

Keep that good work!