Built-in Y-Sort button

What: A Y-sorting button, similar to the extension
Why: It would make editing isometric landscapes way easier, since you see what you get.

Example: Editor vs in game

The one in game is more organized, and it would be easier to edit with automatic sorting.

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That looks painful.
Would you mind sending me that file via WeTransfer link to “hello@gdevelop.io”? I want to take a closer look before making a ticket for it.

I don’t have WeTransfer, but I can send a link to the image. I’m just suggesting a built-in implementation of the Y-Sort extension that could be applied to certain objects. (note that i don’t have the original image)
Screen_Shot_2022-12-24_at_8.51.36_PM.png (3296×1922) (discordapp.com)