Bulk update of resources to uncheck "Smooth the image"

Hi folks,

Long time fan but recent subscriber! I was hoping you could help me:

I have a couple of hundred resources, all of which I’d like to uncheck the “Smooth the image” option for - too many to do it manually.

I tried opening up the JSON and find-and-replacing “smoothed”: true, with “smoothed”: false, but each time I reopen the game in GDevelop after doing this the preview freezes at 98% loaded.

The project is up on GitHub if that would be useful: github.com/Sanglorian/Tuxemon-Harvest

Thanks for your help!

The preview runs fine for me end the box to smooth the image is unchecked.
Is this the one that crash on your side if you set smoothing to false? If so, did you check the developer console what error message you get?

would be great to be able to set the default of this at the start :slight_smile: I’ve been having to uncheck it on every new asset being brought in as i go along. just takes up time.

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Thanks for looking into it, and sorry - I should have been more clear. I reverted it after the error to one without errors.

Here is the error message in the developer console:

pixi-image-manager.js:116 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'baseTexture' of undefined at file:///C:/Users/Sanglorian/AppData/Local/Temp/preview/pixi-renderers/pixi-image-manager.js:116:50 at Array.forEach (native) at e.<anonymous> (file:///C:/Users/Sanglorian/AppData/Local/Temp/preview/pixi-renderers/pixi-image-manager.js:113:20) at e.o.emit (file:///C:/Users/Sanglorian/AppData/Local/Temp/preview/pixi-renderers/pixi.js:8:9783) at file:///C:/Users/Sanglorian/AppData/Local/Temp/preview/pixi-renderers/pixi.js:19:27686 at t.value (file:///C:/Users/Sanglorian/AppData/Local/Temp/preview/pixi-renderers/pixi.js:10:1761) at e.t._onComplete (file:///C:/Users/Sanglorian/AppData/Local/Temp/preview/pixi-renderers/pixi.js:9:17525) at file:///C:/Users/Sanglorian/AppData/Local/Temp/preview/pixi-renderers/pixi.js:9:18018 at s (file:///C:/Users/Sanglorian/AppData/Local/Temp/preview/pixi-renderers/pixi.js:9:29020) at e.<anonymous> (file:///C:/Users/Sanglorian/AppData/Local/Temp/preview/pixi-renderers/pixi.js:19:23842)

I thought it might have something to do with Notepad++ changing the line endings, but I tried manually setting them to LF and it still crashed at 98%, so I tried manually setting them to CR LF and it still crashed .

I’ve set up a commit with the changed, not-working game.json file. Sorry for the confusion earlier: github.com/Sanglorian/Tuxemon-H … fabdf0f6a7