Bullet Hell Protoype Help!

So I’m interested in creating a small bullet hell protoype, though no insane bullet patterns at the moment.
When I started I was using some of the concepts from the small turret tutorial and I felt like I was on the right track?
I wanted to give the player some control so I set it to wads, and used the “TopDownMovement” controls but the delay from payer input to object movement was a little much.

question one: How can I tighten that up so the delay between input is smaller?

Question Two: The enemy objects are coming from the top, but i also want them to come from the sides. Any ideas?

Question Three: How do I reduce the hitbox size of objects? the player object box is so big, and the enemy objects are huge as well. I’ve messed around in the objects hitbox settings but they didn’t see to stick so I think i’m missing a step.

  1. Not sure about this one so maybe somecan can clarify.
    Have you tried running the game as a native application and fully compiled? (File / Compile to a native executable)
    I’ve had a look at the 8-way movement system and it’s quite complex. Most (all?) bullet hell/danmaku games I’m aware of have a constant movement speed of around 2-4 pixels per frame, with the game running at 60 frames per second. Focuses shots slow the ship down to about 1 pixel per frame.
    Anyway, I’m using this code for movement, not the provided 8 way movement code and running the game in native mode, not experiencing any lag here.

    You can replace the variable var_p1speed with e.g. 120 to move the ship at 2 pixels per frame.

2)There’s many ways to do this. I’m very new to GDevelop myself but in other game creation programms, this can be done by some kind of feeder code. Here is an example, I’ve tested this in GDevelop. This creates one enemy coming from the left side after 5 seconds, then an enemy coming from the right side after 10 seconds. Be sure to set speed damping to 1, or else the enemies won’t move continuously.

Note: You need to disable any code that automatically deletes enemies outside of the visible area when using this.
Note: This code assumes that the game’s visible area is a field of 320x240 pixels. You probably have a bigger area and need to adjust that code so that the enemies are created outside of the visible area.

  1. Hitbox manipulation works fine for me. First I click on (1), then on (2). It then asks me for width, height and angle of the hitbox. Here I’ve input 8, 8, and 0, which gives me a hitbox of 8x8 pixels which is unrotated. I’ve tested this be setting a collision even between the player ship and a random enemy. With this I can move the player ship pretty deep into enemies without this counting as a hit. I’ve then restored the original one and the ship would collide with enemies on the outmost pixel of the left or right wing.

Wow! thanks for this! i’ll put it to the test and see how I fair. lot of work and I really appreciate that you went out of your way for this.

I’ll keep you posted!